In recent years, the Web & Digital world has witnessed the spread of “as a service” solutions and the development of means and services to support decision making processes, thus established by a cognitive and “data driven” approach as well as based on the use of increasingly interconnected tools and plugin-based platforms.


Website data can be collected with different methodologies, processed and archived with different tools and organized in such a way as to be made readable, in order to facilitate decision making. Regardless of the decision, it is essential that it is based on information obtained from accurate data to avoid damaging consequences, similarly attributable to intuitive choices.


In order for the quality of the data collected to be of a high standard and for the information to be correct, audits – i. e. periodic checks – must be carried out on the website. This means, for example, verifying the presence of specific tags inside the web page and identifying how the information is sent. The results of these audits are then collected in detailed reports that are easy to read and understand, so that improvements and/or corrective measures can be implemented immediately.


Thanks to these reports, it is possible to easily interpret the data collected, monitor the performance of one’s own analysis group and get key information to take appropriate decisions. The cognitive approach thus replaces the intuitive approach by using truthful data to intervene knowledgeably.


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Insert a valid url and try the features of TagSheriff! In the report page you will find a list of plug-in and links deteched in the analysed url.

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"The price of light is less than the cost of darkness."

Arthur C. Nielsen, Market Researcher & Founder of ACNielsen


Tag Sheriff is an auditing solution that makes it possible to fully monitor the level of accuracy of information over time. It is based on a crawler that simulates the navigation of browsers to highlight the presence or not of specific tags and of any implementation errors (missing codes, multiple codes, codes with variables incorrectly valued, etc.).

Tag Sheriff provides a number of predefined plug-ins to verify certain tags, which can be of different kinds (Digital Analytics, Advertising, Remarketing, Social, DMP, Audience Measurement, etc.), on the websites under review and offers the possibility to customize the service according to one’s own data control needs. Audits can be carried out several times and on limited website areas. In just a few hours it is possible to access the analysis reports, organized in a simple and intuitive dashboard for consultation.

New feature

We have equipped Tag Sheriff with a new feature available for all customers: sending updates on the status of the Audits via e-mail.
Once the e-mail address to which updates are to be sent is set, you can choose which type of report to receive automatically.
The reports that can be received are:
• execution of a single Audit;
• summary of all audits performed in the last 24 hours.
The email received will contain all the general information related to the reference report.




A crawler simulates the navigation of browsers to highlight the presence or not of tags or implementation errors

Data Collection

Data Collection

The collected data is organized into a dashboard complete with charts and useful details.

Report export

Report export

The data organized into reports can be easily exported to different file formats.



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We are constantly working to increase the number of predefined verification plug-ins.


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